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The Grow Pillar Explained


Our promise to you that we will manage your career, that you will continue to evolve and have the opportunity to professionally develop.

We take this seriously which is why we spend huge amounts of time career planning so that you can see the road ahead and understand how you can progress.

Our award winning ‘Profitable Growth’ and ‘Sales Management’ programmes have created the framework for our training where we look at how to business plan, how to analyse performance, how you build your brand and the steps you take to achieve success.

There is more…appraisals, skills assessment, coaching plans, a mentor scheme and our ‘There is more to life than work®’  programme where you can learn a foreign language, attend art classes or learn to play a musical instrument in  working hours.

Catherine Kellaway talks about her journey to Director

Mentor and Mentee

Over 70% of our staff have a mentor


Career Development at Goodman Masson

Training & Coaching

Getting on the path to promotion